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Eilat Travel tech

where New travel tech industry leaders are born

A select group of market-ready Traveltech startups will meet in Eilat, Israel’s prime resort destination, work with world-leading Travel Tech brands, organizations, and investors, to launch forward and get on the fast track to success


about eilat hub


Eilat Hub, Israel's most southern innovation ecosystem. We are located in Israel's prime resort and travel destination city of Eilat.

Our platform provides travel and hospitality startups with the perfect ecosystem to develop, pilot and grow their technology and products.

We have direct access to the biggest number of hotel rooms in Israel, to an international airport and airlines, to an international seaport hosting cruise ships, a comprehensive tourist infrastructure on the private municipal and government level and more.

Our platform offers a top designed shared space, accelerator, incubation program, and investment programs. 

We work with the best mentors in their field, top global and local travel and hospitality brands, top financial and investment firms and more.

We are happy to help global travel and hospitality startups who are interested in launching or piloting and testing their technology and products.


'ILTAM' Industrial Park

3 Amtal building

P.O. Box 1582 Eilat

Israel 8811501


Tel: +972-8-916-2143

Cell Phone: +972-54-4731042

Fax: +972-8-915-1399



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