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The Eilat Hub Travel Tech Bootcamp program is a scale-up platform designed to take the leading travel and hospitality startups to global markets. 
Over 30 startups from 9 different countries were involved in the process and after careful consideration and in-depth interviews led by the Eilat Hub team, the Innovel travel tech community team and by the cockpit EL-AL airline VC the top 5 startups were selected. 


Re-invents the way travelers plan a trip and explore new destinations. Using advanced algorithms and local community wisdom, Bridgify gives travelers a full and personalized trip plan in just a few clicks.

Inspired by our love of traveling, our mission is to give a new way to explore.


Intelligent Travel Search making sense of the world's information to help a consumer make the best travel decisions on where to go, how to get there, where to stay and what to do. 


Eightydays.me is the fastest way to discover and book unique multi-city trips around Europe by flights, trains, and ferries in one payment.


Routier provides hotels and management companies with unparalleled AI Operations and Marketing solutions (via seamless guest engagement) founded on guest-centric and staff-centric methodologies.  

Self Reception

Hospitality kiosk that amends or replace the reception desk.

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The place for Travel Tech industry leaders
2018 graduates success stories:
  • Startup: SeeVoov

  • Description: Seevoov develops a social, interactive video-based trip planner.

  • Achievements since graduation:

       ✔️ Raised capital

       ✔️ Signed deal with Samsung 

  • Startup: HotelsBI

  • Description: HotelsBi provides personal, behavior-based, pricing solution for hotel websites.

  • Achievements since graduation:

       ✔️​ Signed an M&A deal

  • Startup: EasyWay

  • Description: EasyWay created Eve, an AI-powered chatbot assistant that allows travelers to experience destinations authentically by providing them personally tailored and exclusive advice covering all their needs. 

  • Achievements since graduation:

       ✔️​ Raised capital

       ✔️ Accepted to Tech Stars Berlin Metro accelerator

  • Startup: Nexto

  • Description: Nexto is reimagining the on-location visitor experience of travel destinations by transforming guided tours into gamified adventures with elements of augmented reality (AR).

  • Achievements since graduation:

       ✔️​ Raised capital​

       ✔️ TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin‘s Battlefield competition


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